Nov 9 – Esquimalt All Candidates Meeting (EsqACM) – Q&A

Esquimalt Mayor

Mayor Barb Desjardins

Please click on picture of Mayor for opening and closing remarks at Esquimalt ACM

Esquimalt Candidates for Council – ACM Answers

Please click on picture to get Candidates answers to ACM questions 

Meagan Brame

Sandra Dixon

Dave Hodgins

Lynda Hundleby

Bob McKie


Tim Morrison

Dave Schinbein

Josh Steffler

One thought on “Nov 9 – Esquimalt All Candidates Meeting (EsqACM) – Q&A

  1. Thank you for Esquimalt mayor and candidates replies on the sewage treatment issue especially, because this unnecessary sewage plant will be costing every Esquimalt homeowner and renter $500 a year – for no measurable environmental benefit. It will hit low-income and fixed-income homeowners and renters very hard, and in fact, to be able to maintain the large stock of social housing availability in Esquimalt, it may mean that the higher-and-middle Esquimalt homeowners and renters will need to pay an extra tax rider for those who can’t pay. McLoughlin Point is a major Esquimalt site sitting on Victoria Harbour, and could be an excellent site for development that will benefit Esquimalt residents – not the black hole it would be with a sewage plant plunked onto it. In fact, if the CRD forces this plant into Esquimalt, Esquimalt mayor, councillors and residents should DEMAND that every worker in that plant be an Esquimalt resident and that Esquimalt businesses be given first refusal for any sewage-plant related business.

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